Updated Dec 4, 2019


Javier Salido is a multidisciplinary designer born in Madrid, Spain and currently living in Miami, Florida. He's been working at the intersection of interactive design and brand identity since 2004.  During this time, Javier has been crafting different kinds of creative projects and helping to grow the businesses of brands such as Harley-Davidson, Toyota, Nike and Coca-Cola.  

Javier's interest in graphic design and technology started when he was a kid and came naturally to him. Ever since he can remember he had been customizing everything he owned to make it look and function better. He was fascinated by magazines and started to collected them, analyzing the text compositions, photography, and layouts. Javier also has the opportunity to grow up around technology, his dad was a  computer science aficionado and at the age of 12, Javier built his first computer from scratch and started to play with the first lines of code HTML to create a popular video game website for his online team of Counter-Strike.

Graduated as a multimedia artist from CICE Javier started his professional career in 2004 at the age of 16, developing brand identity and website projects for startups. In 2006 Javier had the opportunity of collaborating with Coca-Cola Spain and the Real Madrid C.F. to help the marketing department develop a series of promotional campaigns. In 2007 Javier was recruited for a new position as Art Director for a fashion magazine where he was in charge of a team that released a new magazine each month, directing photography sessions, magazine layout and post-production.

During that time, Javier was admitted to the Instituto Europeo di Design where he received a degree in communication and marketing direction and was recognized by the National School of Graphic Arts for a two years course in post-production.

In 2010 Javier in partnership with other colleagues decided to start an advertising agency to offer a more innovative and efficient service than what the market was offering at the time. Javier held the position of founder and Art Director.

After a gratifying experience running his own agency, in 2012, Javier received an offer to start a collaboration with Darwin Social Noise, where he directed the design team until 2016, developing innovated digital projects for brands such as Twitter, Nike, Four-Rouses or Philips between others.

In 2016 Javier landed in Miami, Florida to lead the UX / UI department of The Brand Collective, developing projects for startups and hospitality companies.  After several months of collaboration, Javier received an offer to participate in an innovated project for Harley-Davidson. The team was based in NY so along with his family, Javier decided moved to NYC for two years where he helped with the digital transformation of the brand by designing the new App along with the website and the H-D Connected Service.

Currently, Javier is freelancing and is based out of sunny Miami.  During his free time, Javier enjoys documenting adventures with his Canon AE-1. Also, as a Motorcycle enthusiast he enjoys riding his Sportster and restoring/customizing anything with two wheels - this keeps him inspired and focused. You can find more about him on Twitter and Instagram.

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